Our Story

Finding a job is hard. But so is recruiting candidates for a job.

And when it comes to recruiting for a sales job, we found it's even harder.

Sales people are super important for almost every company.

Yet, people aren’t even considering a sales career.

Most hardly know anything about sales, and some even consider it taboo.

In reality, sales is a transformational, enriching and rewarding experience, even to pursue as a short stint if not as a career.

So here’s a role, which is on one hand high in demand, and the other, doesn’t even have much competition, all while being so enriching.

To bridge this gap, all you need is a platform to talk about sales careers, and give it the deserved hype.

Enter, Sales Jobverse.

It’s a sincere effort to celebrate sales and give it the hype it deserves.

We have had a tough time recruiting for sales in our other businesses, and seen our friends share the same struggle.

If we can make some people see the light, and elevate the candidate pool for sales; candidates, companies and recruiters, are all going to be a lot happier.

And eventually, we hope to play a part in elevating sales standards and ethics.

Ultimately, sales is powerful, and with great power comes great responsibility.

Can you imagine yourself doing sales?

Well, you don’t have to imagine. You have been doing sales all your life.

From asking for an extra toy as a child, to negotiating play time, finalising travel plans, deciding your career, and even getting a partner, all involve sales.

In a more professional context, a job interview, seeking a raise, pitching an idea, raising funds, negotiating with vendors, all involve sales.

Every personal and professional relationship involves sales. In fact you even sell to yourself when you promise to go to the gym or eat healthy.

In a nutshell, everything is sales. And human beings can naturally sell.

Why do people shy away from considering a sales job?

Never told about a sales career:

It's quite probable that this is the first time you are reading about pursuing a sales career.

By default, you may have explored or been directed towards a technical career as an engineer or doctor.

And even within more creative fields, design or marketing appear more glamorous.

There is hardly any mention of sales in schools or colleges, and you don’t really get to learn what sales is about.

Limited & poor exposure to sales:

Perhaps your limited exposure to sales has been spam calls asking you to take loans you do not need.

Or that you think sales means going door to door.

Some salespeople might even engage in unethical sales practices.

Like anything, there are good and bad practices, and sales is no different.

The doctor prescribing additional procedures beyond what is necessary is also culpable.

One thing is certain, sales is absolutely essential, and powerful.

In fact, the existence of poor sales practices is all the more reason to stand out with good practices.

Sales is associated with risky entrepreneurship:

People think sales is about starting a business, which comes with high risks.

Well, you can always sell a solution in someone else’s business!

This is in fact a benefit of sales, where you get to build entrepreneurial and leadership skills to either start your own business in future, or be promoted to leadership positions.

So what really is sales?

In a nutshell, sales is about solving problems, communicating value, and guiding people to make informed decisions.

More complex the decision, the larger the role of a salesperson.

In consumer products, this can range from selling clothes to furniture to real estate.

In business settings, you have the sale of basic services to software to heavy machinery and complex technology.

Something such as investment banking is also largely sales, where they act as consultants to companies to raise millions and billions of dollars from investors.

What’s special about a sales career?

Leadership Skills:

Sales is a great training ground for people to pick up problem solving and people skills, such as communication, negotiation, decision making, handling rejections, and collaboration.

This provides a platform to grow into managerial and leadership positions, or even start a business.

Connect with people:

Sales involves talking and dealing with people on a daily basis. This is great for who loves social interaction.

Even people who are typically introverts, can end up enjoying sales as it can involve deep and individual conversations, as opposed to public communication.

Business Exposure & Impact:

Sales gives you an understanding of products, services, markets, and industries.

Being close to revenue, you understand how money is made, and can exert influence and create an impact.

Performance driven and rewarding career:

Sales is typically a performance driven career, and rewarding for someone who performs.

It is also easier for you to see and measure the impact of your efforts and processes.

In-demand and low competition career:

Salespeople are high in demand, and many people are not really considering sales careers.

If you already possess some sales skills, or some technical skills based on which you switch to a sales role within your specialised industry, getting into sales and growing from there is going to be a breeze.

Who should get into sales? Who can get into sales? What are some sales career paths?

If you ask us, everyone should do sales at least for some time in their life, for a transforming and enriching experience.

And sales is an accepting career, without high barriers to entry. You don’t need specialised knowledge or skills to make a start.

Some scenarios are:

Low Technical Skills and Low / High People Skills:

If you fall under this category, it is likely that the technical fields are more stringent and less accepting of you, to give you a chance to learn and succeed.

Sales on the other hand can be more accepting, and offer significant growth potential.

Once you get in, your people skills can improve.

From hereon, you can be set for a seasoned sales career, and eventually grow into senior leadership positions.

You can even switch industries freely, as companies value your people skills and unique perspectives.

Alternatively, you can switch to roles such as marketing, consulting, project management, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship.

High Technical Skills and Low People Skills:

If you are to continue pursuing a technical career, in most cases, you might see growth stagnate after some initial progress.

In this case we’d recommend pursuing a short sales stint. You might especially be a fit to sell complex and technical products, aka a sales engineer, a highly sought after role.

Even with products which are not highly technical, your technical prowess can help you stand out and accelerate your sales career.

This can level up your people and business skills to make you an all-round techno-commercial person, and give you high leverage and open up lots of possibilities.

If you are to return to a technical role, you’d be better equipped to grow into leadership positions.

Alternatively, you can opt for techno-commercial roles, such as product management, consulting, and operations.

And if you end up enjoying sales, you can stick to it and become a sales superpower within your specialised industry.

High Technical Skills and Low People Skills:

In this case you are already all set to grow out of a technical role and transition into a leadership role, for which sales can be an ideal grooming platform.

After a short stint in sales, you can get into leading a technical team, techno-commercial roles, or carry on with sales as a superstar, even within different industries.


If you are from a sports or esports background, you already have a sales mindset, and it could be a great fit for you.

You probably know that it is not “win or learn”, but rather about continuous improvement and learning from both wins and losses.

You know how to deal with losses. You can’t win every game, but you can’t let losses affect the next game to play. If you do things right, you’ll win more than you lose.

And a lot more.

Sounds interesting. How do I get into sales?

That’s what Sales Jobverse is for!

At the moment, you can use our platform to discover sales jobs.

We’re on the works to bring you more value with exciting features. Meanwhile, you can follow our social media for updates and some valuable content.

And ultimately, the best way, by far, to land a sales job is to send a video introduction.

So simply record yourself speaking, improve your video introduction, and you’d be a shoe in for multiple interviews and offers.

And once you secure a job, you can get groomed on the job and reap the rewards of a sales career.